Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None 9.0


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Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None is a game based on a book of the English writer. It is developed by The Adventure Company. This is the first game which is an adaptation of a book by the famous writer Agatha Christie. Sound and graphics. The piano music is excellent, its seems that the designers noticed its relevance in the game but it is somewhat repetitive. In addition, the sound effects like the rain or the steps are very realistic.The graphics are great as well. The house is full of details that gives a unique touch.The developers really have managed to make you feel the luxury, mystery and death. Plot: Patrick Narracott is in charge of carrying a group of people to the Shipwreck island , all have been invited by the same person: Mr Owen. In this group no one knows each other. When they arrived to the island mysteriously the boat sinks, everyone have to stay on the island and the owner of the place does not appear. Also, a big storm begins. One by one these people are found murdered. Patrick start an investigation to find the killer. You will be able to stop the crimes if you do a well job.The only clue you have is that the murderer used as a starting point a poem that is hung on the chimney of the mansion. If you like to be a detective, this is your opportunity.

Systems: Windows

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